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10 Tips On How To Style With An Oversized T-Shirt Like A Fashionista

Updated: May 16

Looking for a way to style an oversized t-shirt?

Fashionistas know how to style an oversized t-shirt into something edgy, chic, and artistic without sacrificing comfort or looking like they were trying too hard.

An oversized t-shirt gives you the advantage of looking effortlessly stylish with the least effort. It's that "I threw this on but look great" style.


Tips To Style With Your Oversized T-Shirt Like A Fashionista


1) If you want to make an oversized t-shirt look feminine and chic, pair it with a mini bag. A mini crossbody bag will create a flattering hourglass silhouette.

female model on oversized tee with biker shorts

2) Add a splash of colour to your oversized tee with colourful accessories - if your oversized t-shirt is largely monochromatic, add some bright colours to make it more exciting. You can do this by accessorizing with necklaces, bracelets and hats.

3) Wear an oversized t-shirt with a cool pair of jeans - oversized t-shirts look great with skinny or boyfriend jeans, as it makes you look slim.

female model on oversized tee with denim jeans

4) An oversized t-shirt isn't just for wearing as tops; you can get creative and also wear them as a dress if you are petite. Just throw on a belt and a pair of white shoes, and you're ready to go!

5) Dress it up - Style an oversized t-shirt with denim shorts, but add heels! This outfit creates the perfect balance of smart casual.

6) Oversized t-shirts can also be paired with turtlenecks for a layering effect. This look is trendy and also great for cold weather!

7) Wear oversized t-shirts paired with something fitting, not oversized on oversized ones. Pairing an oversized tee with baggy pants is a no-no that will only make you look dumpy or frumpy.

8) Layer a plaid button-down shirt or a denim jacket over an oversized graphic t-shirt for a school fashion campus look.

female model on oversized tee with denim jacket

9) Half tuck your oversized tee, worn with jeans and a belt.

10) You can also wear an oversized tee to sleep or lounge in. It is very comfortable because it is loose and easier to wear compared to other clothing items.

female model on oversized tee with jogger pants

Oversized t-shirts are a great way to look stylish. Whether you're petite or plus size, oversized t-shirts can be styled to flatter different types of body shapes.

If you want to rock the oversized trend but don't know where to start, these fashionista tips should have your wardrobe looking on point!

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